What are those dolls?
They are Asian ball joint dolls made of resin for more info please check this link http://bjd-wtf.livejournal.com/ it help me a lot when i was a newbie...i still am learning a lot of things and really this hobby have change my way of seeing. Definitely not give one to small and irresponsible kids. They are fragile and cost a lot of money.They are not meant to sit on shelves unlike porcelain dolls. which i also own.
Why do you collect them and when did you discover about them?
I've discovered them in 2006 but didn't know how or if i could purchase one. Then I forget about it. But then I saw this forum http://www.akasarushi.com/(do you see the resemblance between him and Edel *q* i was madly in love with that little msd) then i went searching for the doll companies websites. The prices were...like one month of my salary for a MSD way too expensive. This hobby help me save my money and become patient and be careful with my stuffs mainly dolls...stop wasting my money of futile stuffs, make my drawing anatomy skills get better and help my laziness go away i think. ^0^
So yes I love my boys and i'm very proud to have them...also I don't give a damn what people say..."oh poor thing she didn't have dolls when she was a kid!" No I had a lot of them when I was a kid also i had a happy childhood. I grew bitter when in my adolescence but that has nothing to do. Also i'm not crazy, I have real friends with whom I hang out and spend the night drinking(cause I work as graphic designer at day)>.<
My family thinks I spend too money on dolls, but that's my money I work for it, it's not like i'm stealing or anything.Ok now it went a lil out of the subject anyway I don't think my love for my boys will fade away...not now not even if i get married. It will be accepting me for who I am or not accepting me at all.
Where do you buy your dolls?
Eden my first is from Dollmore, he is a dollmorekid Rafel, Edel is from 3 different companies, that's what we call an hybrid, his head is from Migidoll he is a cynical Yujin type A white skin, his body i bought it from Ebay and i regret doing that cause he had a lot of defects all over it and there was a lot of issues from the seller...it was beleive she was selling bootlegs.Edel and Eden joints hands are from Dikadoll. I bought it from jeeryama an officiel seller on Ebay. My Dollpire Isenberg is also from Dollmore. I've paid in on layaway(which means you make deposit and pay it off in 3 months...but not all companies offers that kind of service)He is a dollpire Rachel Hans he's the only one who came home fully dress and had default face up(makeup).Also he was the most expensive one around $600 including shipping...yes shipping cost a lot as I live in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Also I pay 15% of custom duties on the price of the dolls when they get home, plus post office fees.I've waited 1 year before buying Ireel. He also comes from 3 different companies. His head is a female one a customs made there's only ten in the world: Minimee Bella Swan(twilight movie)NS by D.I.M, the body is a Ns Mu with Dan horns both from Resinsoul. His hands are are from Soom i got those in a split on Den of angels they are MD coquina Linus hands. Finally Yzra is my big project 2011. His head is a limited edition Tan Jewel from Withdoll I've waited 5 months for him to get home, his body is second had Doc Ns bought on Den of angels the body has been dyed, brushed to match the head. you can see the work in progress here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?441036-project-Yzra-withdoll-juwel-hybrid%28dying-and-faceup-etc%29&p=7714456&posted=1#post7714456 you need to be a member to view it sorry
Where do you buy their accessories?
Mostly on Dollmore or from Ebay (eyes, shoes)but the rest I buy it here in Mauritius they cost more but there's no shipping T_T it sucks i can't buy SD cellphone or sunglasses here! Actually i'm the only one in this country to own BJDs. I make my own wigs, clothes, hats etc. if you are interested in the things i see in my photostory send me a message(I've got a busy schedule but i can made time for doll stuffs)
Do you give invitation for registration on Den of Angels forum?
I you ask kindly and i see that you comment a lot on my photo story i may consider it. But i mainly do it for friends.

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